Friday, September 15, 2017

Adoption Shower: Table Center Pieces (Part I)

Table center pieces can be a great accent to set the tone of your adoption shower.  When celebrating an intercountry adoption, the country’s flag can serve as a great basis.  Using a very simple flag, you can make some very creative and festive center pieces on a small budget if you incorporate napkins and confetti.

Chinese Flag Table Center Piece
Indian Flag Table Center Piece

Here is an idea with the Chinese flag.  We placed the flag on top of a red napkin, and laid gold confetti stars on the napkin to imitate the pattern of the flag. Very easy to do! The flag and base are available in our store and the napkins can be found at any party or dollar store in your area.

Another idea, as shown with the Indian flag, is placing the flag in a small vase filled with beads. We found this little glass vase for $1 at our local dollar store and filled it with decorative clear beads and orange metallic confetti.

Ethiopian Flag Table Center Piece
You can expand on this idea by adding confetti with words, and also sprinkle confetti around the vase. This looks really nice on round tables!

And of course these ideas can also be combined with two flags to show the joining of two cultures in one family.

Ukrainian and American Flags Center Piece

If you have any creative ideas, please post them on our blog, our website ( or email them to us and we will discuss them with your permission.  The more the better!

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