Thursday, October 26, 2017

Adoption Shower: Table Center Pieces (Part II)

Table center pieces can be a great accent to set the tone of your adoption shower, but what if you are celebrating a domestic adoption?  Instead of using country flags, there are plenty of alternatives to celebrate adoption.

Adopted With Love ornaments in pink or blue can be a great way to accessorize your adoption shower.  Hang them from an ornament stand, and place them in the middle of each table.
Want to personalize them even more?  No problem! Grab a Sharpie and add a name and adoption date in the hearts!
Don't want to focus so much on the adoption aspect but more on the love being shared by all those involved in the adoption process?  How about an ornament that emphasizes loving families?
Or just focus on the love everyone has for the adoptee, to which there is no end:
Once you have picked out your center piece ornament, you can easily accessorize everything else: matching balloons, confetti, cupcakes, ...

If you have any creative ideas, please post them on our blog or email them to us and we will discuss them with your permission.  The more the better!